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Introducing Kaizen Foam for Pelican Cases

Kaizen foam is a great new interior alternative for your Pelican Cases. This laminated Polyethylene foam design allows you to cut perfect inserts to protect your items! Available in Black and B&W contrast kaizen foam gives you a professional and durable insert for your case.

For more info on Kaizen Foam, follow the link below!
gocygo63 : ...besides the internet, anyone know where you can buy "Kaizen" foam sheets?
...I looked at Menard's, Michael's, Wal-Mart...NOBODY seems to carry this stuff in their stores...& I hate buying stuff online...
beasly10 : What case is that being displayed and where can I get one?
Black Dog : I have been buying 2 ' by 4' pieces of Kaisan foam and cutting it to fit. the Pelican case.
HammondB200 : this is fucking sexy
Thomas "SPAZ" Hill II : Do you have this for a pelican 1750?

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두께가 두꺼운제품은 한번에 작업이 되지 않으므로
150mm일경우 50mm 3개를 붙여 만듭니다.
또 두꺼운제품 일수록 댓바(일본어로 뻐덩니)가 생겨
옆면이 휜다는얘기입니다.
프레스가공 특성상 어쩔수 없는 부분 입니다.
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